The institution of Alexandroupolis Trade Fair was established in 1992 by Evros Chamber, under the presidency of Mr. Christodoulos Habouris. The institution was maintained and developed by subsequent presidents, Mr. Nicholas Dasteridis, and Leonidas Kitsios. In his presidency Mr Dasteridis decided that the exhibiton would be carried out every two years. Since 2012, under the presidency of Mr. Christodoulos Topsidis, the exhibition gained an international character, since its programme was enriched with b2b meetings with commercial attaches and companies from abroad. Ever since its establishment, the International Exhibition of Alexandroupolis is the top event of the professional and business community in Evros. Traditionally, the exhibition is flanked by many other events such as the book fair, the shopping festival, various cultural events and conferences, while in 2014 it was decided for the first time that the exhibition should be structured in four thematic days: Tourism, Primary Sector, Innovation and Manufacturing, and Port, followed by workshops and side events respectively.

Furthermore, it was decided that the Exhibition would be carried out in June (24-28 June 2016), time which is consistent with the beginning of the touristic season, in order to extend it and provide multiple benefits to the local economy. Therefore, every second summer, Alexandroupolis enjoys the benefits of Alexpo, where the products and the enterprises of Evros are being brought in the spotlight, attract visitors from all over Greece and neighbor countries, as well as business guests from dynamic markets.